irlweirdo: hello, I'm writing because I adore your URL and was wondering if you would be willing to part with it, I see that you haven't been active for over a month and was wondering if I could use this URL for my alternative blog (currently pastel-goth-princess) don't worry if you're not willing to part with it, just thought it was worth a shot! thank you for your time and I hope I'll hear back from you soon

A month? Ever since the American Horror Story witch series came out I’ve been getting this. I’m not willing to part with it just yet, just because I have had it for so long, five years or six or so I think, on the blog I’m using now and on my old one, so I just don’t want to part with it just yet..



Johnny Boy by Melanie

Candela by Buena Vista Social Club
ahsbitchcraft: Can I have your URL

No. I’ve had this URL for 5 years on this blog and on my old tumblr. 

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